Presentation of new RWTHmoodle version 4.1

by Koser, Valentin -
To make it easier for lecturers to get used to the new Moodle version, the CLS is offering numerous online presentations when the upcoming summer semester starts, presenting the most important new features in RWTHmoodle. More information about the presentations and registration can be found in the Events Database.

Upcoming Upgrade to new RWTHmoodle Version 4.1

by Koser, Valentin -
On March 2, 2023, we will upgrade RWTHmoodle to Moodle version 4.1. With the changeover, the design of RWTHmoodle will be more intuitive and modern. RWTHmoodle remains accessible as usual via The established processes, for example for requesting course rooms and for authorizing students and lecturers to their course rooms, also remain unchanged. Due to the upgade of the user interface, there will be changes in the menu navigation for individual functions. More information about the changeover can be found in IT Center Help.

Enhanced editing tools in the comments of the PDF Annotation activity.

by Koser, Valentin -
A selection of different tools from the Atto editor is now available in the comment function of the PDF Annotation activity. Among other things, it is now possible to insert images into the comment field. A detailed illustrated description of all available tools can be found in the PDF Annotation documentation.

New URLs in the RWTHmoodle documentation portal

by Koser, Valentin -
In the period from 12/09/2022 to 24/09/2022, we restructured the RWTHmoodle documentation. The purpose of the restructuring is to increase the quality and better findability of certain content. Please note that due to the creation of new categories and the summary of content under top categories, the URLs of many instructions have changed. If you have saved URLs to instructions, they may now lead to nowhere. To find and bookmark old instructions in ITC Help, please use the page navigation or the search function of the RWTHmoodle documentation portal.
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