Recently added functionality

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
In the last few weeks, some new features have been introduced in RWTHmoodle. The appropriate manuals can be found under the following links: Import of group members into existing groups; Import of users; Hide participants list from students; Add a Dynexite block; Update of the Quickmail block; Improvements on the scripts for the preparation of electronic post-exam reviews.

Limited availability of H5P elements on 28 October 2020

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
On Wednesday, 28 October 2020, 7-12 a.m. H5P (interactive content) will be available with restrictions. Managers cannot add, edit or delete H5P elements during this time. Students can access H5P elements, but there may be interruptions during use. The reason for this limited availability is the migration of the existing H5P elements to the new course room-related „Content bank“, which H5P uses from Moodle version 3.9 onwards. All H5P elements in Moodle are now created in this content bank. When you add a new H5P activity, you access this previously filled content bank and select the appropriate H5P element from those available. More Information can be found in the Moodle tutorials on H5P and the Content bank.

Test phase for some new plugins in winter semester 2020/21

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
In winter semester 2020/21 the RWTHmoodle team is again looking for lecturers who want to use some new plugins in their courses for testing purposes: StudentQuiz, Etherpad, Lightbox Gallery, Level Up!, Concept Map and Cardbox. More information on the plugins can be found in the RWTHmoodle help. If you are giving courses and are interested in testing one or more of the plugins please contact the RWTHmoodle support team at the IT-ServiceDesk.

Update on Moodle version 3.9 for winter semester 2020/21

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
Already at the end of September RWTHmoodle was updated to Moodle version 3.9. This brings some smaller and bigger changes. Improvements in accessibility or the activity chooser used when adding activities or materials are part of it as well as smaller adjustments in the forum, in the grading of assignments and the question bank for quizzes. In the coming weeks, the "My Courses" list in the dashboard will be changed a bit, too, and the "H5P" activity making interactive content such as videos with embedded quizzes very easy to create will be more deeply integrated. Both elements are part of the update to 3.9, but will be added later for technical reasons.
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