Maintenance window moved to Thursday morning

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
For organizational reasons, the weekly maintenance window has been changed to Thursday, 7-8 a.m., effective September 1. The system is not available during this time. Please take this into account when planning your courses, especially when setting deadlines.

New features in RWTHmoodle with update to Moodle version 3.11

by Koser, Valentin -
On August 25, RWTHmoodle was updated to version 3.11. This update will bring some new visual and functional features for users: Until now, checkboxes were displayed to the right of the activities. If checkboxes were marked here, the activities were considered completed. After the update, activity completions are now highlighted more clearly in color and text immediately below the activities. Completion conditions that are required for the successful completion of an activity (e.g. a grade) can now also be displayed below the activity on the course page. Quizzes as well offer more transparency: from now on students are informed of the grade to pass the test even before it begins. Managers additionally have the possibility to upload and restore course backup files to RWTHmoodle on their own. While up to now only the system administration was able to do this, now the lecturers can manage their courses even more easily themselves. More information about the new features can be found here.

New course rooms for winter semester 2021/22

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
The course rooms for the winter semester 2021/22 are now available. If you want to reuse content from previous semesters in your course room, please use the course import. For the reuse of streaming videos, please read the instructions in the RWTHmoodle documentation. Please also note that imported streaming videos only remain playable if they were included as a video activity.

Unenrol independently from course rooms with self-enrolment

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
If you have registered in a RWTHmoodle course room using the self-enrolment method, you can unenrol yourself from the course room at any time if necessary. For more information, please read the instruction for self-enrolment for students. Self enrolment is only possible in course rooms that have been activated for self-enrolment by your lecturer.
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