Hide course rooms in „My courses“

by Jakobs, Harald -

Since the latest update of 7 August 2019 it is possible to hide courses in the dashboard block „My courses“. By hiding rarely used courses and moving them to another view navigating to the most important courses becomes easier. All hidden courses can be moved back to the default view with one click.

Block „Recent activity“ improved

by Jakobs, Harald -

The block „Recent activity“ shows the latest changes within a course room. For example, the entries list new files, new forum posts, or new assignments and tests. Thus the block helps you to keep track of the latest materials and learning tasks and to easily find the latest info. Since July 2019 you can set the time span for which you would like to see the changes. You can choose between „since last course visit“, „last 3 days“, „last 1 week“, and „last 2 weeks“. Currently, the RWTHmoodle developer team is working on a block fort he dashboard that shows the changes of all course rooms at a glance. The block will be ready for winter semester 2019/20.

Award additional points for graded activities

by Jakobs, Harald -

In the “Grades” section of a course room, lecturers can now assign more points for a graded activity than defined in the activity settings. This makes it very easy to award additional points for outstanding performance, for example, for assignments that have been completed particularly well. Simply enter the desired number of points under "Grades" or upload the results via CSV upload.

(Edited by ITPFL, Admin - original submission Monday, 6 May 2019, 10:20 AM)

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