New functions in RWTHMoodle: H5P extension, Syntax Highlighting, Reviews

by Schnurbusch, Harald -
Three new functions are now available in H5P: The Reuse button makes it easy for managers to download or copy H5P content to use in other course rooms. If you include copyright information in the metadata of the H5P activity, it is now displayed under the Rights of Use button. The Embed button allows you, as a manager, to embed H5P content in other parts of your course room. You can make the H5P Activity invisible to students and embed the H5P content in an e-test, for example. Embedded H5P content is still protected against access by users who are not participants in the course room. You can use the Syntax Highlighting Filter to display source code in the course room as in a development environment. To do this, border the source code with three backticks. The filter automatically detects the language used, however, you can also explicitly select it from the available languages. In Grades, empty grades are now included by default in the calculation of the overall result of a grading category. An empty grade is a grade that is missing from the evaluations, for example, an assignment submission that has not yet been graded. You can optionally activate this function in the settings.

Computer-aided evaluation of mathematical expressions for quizzes with STACK

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

Closed question formats such as multiple choice questions, in which the answers are merely selected from predefined options, are often not effective in electronic self-tests with mathematical tasks. The question type STACK for the activity "Quiz" offers a remedy for this problem. STACK uses the computer algebra system "Maxima" to evaluate the mathematical expressions that students enter as answers. The input can be for example a variable, a function term, an equation, a matrix or a set. Teachers can create structured templates for a question, based on which different versions of the question are randomly generated and displayed. Maxima uses tests to prove the mathematical properties of the answer input. Based on the properties, feedback is generated with the help of an answer tree and returned to the students as assistance. The question type can be used in all RWTHmoodle course rooms from summer semester 2020 onwards within the activity "Quiz". As an introduction to STACK the RWTHmoodle support provides an own demo course room for STACK, which contains introductory videos, links to the STACK documentation and numerous sample questions and quizzes. To get access to the demo course room and for general questions about STACK please contact the RWTHmoodle support.

Provide an electronic reserves collection in RWTHmoodle - with the literature section

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

The new digital semester apparatus in RWTHmoodle, titled "Literature", enables lecturers to provide their students with a literature list for their courses, which contains either references to electronic resources or PDF scans of the required literature. The scans are created by the university library. Teachers can also attach scans they have made themselves to an entry in the list and have them checked by the library for copyright. In the help section of RWTHmoodle you will find a manual for the Literature section (Electronic reserves collection). It explains how to activate the new literature section, how to add entries and how to submit orders to the university library for digitization or copyright check of texts.

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