RWTHmoodle Course Rooms for Summer Semester 2020 Now Available

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

The RWTHmoodle course rooms for summer semester 2020 are now available. A manual for how to create a course room through RWTHonline is available in the RWTHonline documentation portal. In summer semester 2020, RWTHmoodle will offer some new and improved features which we will present in more detail in the next few weeks in this news section and in the IT Center Blog. New features are for example the new question type STACK for mathematical exercises in quizzes, an improved editor with a more compact design, and a literature module offering an option to ask the University Library to either digitalize research papers and other literature or do a copy right check on literature lecturers provide themselves. Additionally, we will test two new components: a Sciebo connection and the activity "Virtual Programming Lab" which allows the automatic assessment of programming assignments.

Web-Notifications for RWTHmoodle

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

Notifications inform students and lecturers about new events in Moodle, such as new forum posts or assignment submissions to be evaluated. Users can subscribe to these notifications as email notifications or web-notifications that can be viewed in RWTHmoodle. As soon as you have new web-notifications, the number is displayed next to the bell symbol in the upper right corner. After clicking on the bell, followed by the gear symbol in the new small window, you can also configure your notification settings. Here you can choose which notification you want to receive by email or web notification. Further information can be found in the FAQ.

Dashboard block "Recent Activity" - Faster overview of course room changes

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

Since winter semester 2019/20 there's a new block for the dashboard of RWTHmoodle called "Recent activity". Until now, this block was only available in course rooms. There, it lists all changes to a course room for a changeable time span, for example all new files, new assignments or new forum posts. On the dashboard, this block aggregates all these changes of all course rooms to which a user has access. This gives users a much better overview of the changes. As part of the maintenance of 16 October, 2019, the block has been activated on all dashboards as default, 

Improvements in activity “Forum” in Moodle version 3.7

by Schnurbusch, Harald -

RWTHmoodle was updated to version 3.7 in mid-September. This update offers users improvements in the activity “Forum”. Here the users can start discussions and mark them as favorites, there are new sorting options to influence the ordering of the posts, and answers can be entered on the same page. Additionally, lecturers can lock discussions manually or write private replies to a post. Only the recipients can see this answer, but they cannot reply to this. For more information and a video on the improvements, please visit the general Moodle help for the "Forum" activity.

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